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Filing an Insurance Claim for Roofing Damages

When considering all the components that make up your home, the roof has the most exposure to the elements. Your roof takes a beating from heavy snow to hail and ice storms, as well as tornadoes, hurricanes, and other windstorms. We all know that the roof is an important part of the home structure, but did you know that you can use the dwelling coverage part of your home insurance policy to fix your roof? Specifically, damage from elements can qualify a homeowner for total or partial replacement of the roof.

However, if you do not follow the right steps when filing an insurance claim, the insurance company may deny your claim because of an administrative error or a variety of other reasons. Hence, we are going to discuss the following steps to get your insurance claim for your emergency roof repair approved.

1. Get Insight Into Your Roofing Insurance Coverage

Once you discover damage to your roof, call ROI Construction at 1-833-766-3764. We will send out an insurance inspection specialist to assess the damages. Our team will help you look at your homeowners’ policy and the roof coverage it provides. This information will assist you in making financial decisions about roof repairs or roof replacement.

Most insurance agencies give two forms of roof insurance- repair coverage and replacement coverage. The former normally compensates the homeowner for a percentage of the repair costs. But the latter, roof replacement, covers the cost of a new roof when the old one is beyond repair.

Insurance companies want to protect their own interest and can make it challenging at times to get a claim approved. It is essential to keep a record of the damage and submit a claim as fast as possible.

It should be mentioned that not all roof damages are covered by insurance policies. Your coverage is determined by your location, particular policy, and cause of damage. Do not hesitate to reach out to your insurance agent in case some things about your roof coverage are not clear to you.

2. Hire the Most Credible Roofing Company

One of the most important things you can do during the insurance claim process is find a credible roofing firm, like ROI Construction, with insurance claims expertise to carry out a roof inspection. They can search for damages on your roof and write a report for your insurance firm. ROI will be the expert on your side fighting for you.

If you do not hire a local roofing company, the insurance company will pay another person to inspect the roof on their behalf for the assessment. In doing this, the chances of the insurance company denying your claim are much higher because the hired person may write a report that will not be in your favor. You increase your chances of getting your insurance claim approved if you handle the situation and hire your own roof inspectors.

To get the right roofing company, you will want a firm that offers roof installation and roof replacement services with high quality roof material. If you decide not to hire ROI Construction, make sure that the company you do hire is an expert in handling insurance claims. This will make it easier for them to communicate with your insurance agent. They will also provide the valuable proof needed so that your claim is valid.

3. Keep a Record of Your Damages and Ask for More Details

After determining that your roof’s damage is covered by your insurance policy, the next logical step is to document the damage. We recommend taking plenty of photographs of not only the outside damage but the interior part of your roof as well.

If you want to do this on your, own and you own a ladder, climb carefully, and take photos. However, if you cannot assess the entirety of the damage safely, contact ROI Construction, an experienced roofing company, at 1-833-766-3764 for FREE roof inspection and insurance claim assessment.

Remember that the day of the damage and the cause of the damage should be included in your documents. Including pictures of these events from a newspaper article or a magazine, if the cause of your roof damage were reported in the news, can also be helpful. For example, if your roof was damaged by a hurricane, attach newspaper clips of the event to your claim.


Having an insurance policy for your roof is great, however, submitting and successfully being approved for an insurance claim in the wake of a disaster takes some knowledge and skill. If your roof has been damaged in a storm, or you have noticed damage and are not quite sure how it happened, call ROI Construction today! We will make sure that you get a Positive Return On Investment!

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We offer Free Insurance claim Inspections

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We offer Free Insurance claim Inspections

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